Specialised Pronunciation Course


This course is for students with an intermediate-advanced level of English and focuses on pronunciation and fluency. It is adapted from the Compton Pronouncing English as a Second Language Program, designed by the American Institute of Language and Phonology (ILP).

See a 50% Improvement in Pronunciation

Based on research by the ILP, students who complete this course are likely to see a 50% improvement in pronunciation of the 19 sounds to be targeted in this course. This is an estimate only, each student's improvement depends on the amount of daily practice and how quickly they learn. Improvement rates often exceed this level and increase as students gain confidence and motivation.



In the first class, a needs analysis and comprehensive pronunciation assessment is conducted. This includes a recording of all the sounds generally used in Australian English. A list of target sounds will then be given to students in the second class, and a course outline will also be provided to the student.



Depending on the student's specific needs, the following exercises and areas will be covered:


i. IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet)

    Vowels, Consonants (2 sessions)

    Dipthongs (double vowel sounds, 2 sessions)


ii. The Origin of Accents, Pronunciation vs Spelling, Types of Speech Sounds


iii. Syllable Stress, Fluency and the Schwa Sound


iv. Sentence Stress (stressing words in sentences)


v. Vocal projection 


Length of Classes and Course

  • Courses are offered in 8 or 13 week blocks
  • Classes are held weekly, each class lasts 1.5 hours


Progress & Outcomes

  • Weekly exercises will be given to students to allow them to put into practice the exercises covered in class.
  • Recorded vocal assessments will be conducted at the beginning and end of each block of classes. This will provide a measurement of improvement from the beginning of the course.
  • A Certificate of Completion will be provided at the end of the course.
  • A full progress report and outline of the exercises completed will also be provided.

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