Help Your Employees Reach Their Potential

We Can Help Your Employees:

  • Communicate effectively with their fellow workers, clients and managers
  • Improve their pronunciation, grammar, spelling and learn common Aussie language
  • Adjust to Australian ways of communicating: Learn to be straightforward, concise and effective communicators
  • Learn Australian English Idioms and slang - speak like a local and avoid clumsy language
  • Improve their language use - grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Polish their presentation skills so that they're confident and stand out in meetings

Challenges for ESL Speakers
So you think you've found the right person for the job: they have the technical skills and know-how for the job but they sometimes struggle to communicate and get their point across. If you think it's difficult for a native speaker to perform, imagine all the difficulties for someone with a limited grasp of English and the local culture faces. They're constantly searching for the right words and instead of focusing on the content of their communication, they're spending mental energy translating. They're obsessed with using the right words, expressing them in the right way and fitting in with those around them.

Enhance Training by Eliminating Barriers to Learning
Inducting new employees can also be very challenging when they have difficulty understanding what you're trying to teach them. They're unlikely to let you or their trainers know they don't understand the language that is being used, and by simply missing a word they can miss a key idea. By combining work-related training with focused communication training, adaptation to the new workplace can be streamlined and your employees' learning can be strengthened.

Give Them the Break They Need
We can help your new recruits improve their pronunciation, language use and expand their vocabulary so that their ongoing learning needs are streamlined. As training is focused on the individual needs of the student, we can ensure that they learn in a way that best suits them and meets their needs. 

General Business English Course

  • Focus on pronunciation, fluency, vocabulary and grammar
  • Improve your conversational and spoken English
  • Polish your emails and report writing
  • 8 and 16 week courses available

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Specialised Pronunciation Course

ILP Academy

  • Designed by the Institute of Language and Phonology
  • Better than 50% improvement in pronunciation errors
  • 8 and 13 week courses available

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